Benefits of Walk-In Tubs


What’s the big deal about a walk in tub? Why is it so popular for seniors and individuals with disabilities?

You’ve properly have sen the advertisements on TV and in magazines, but what are the real benefits of a walk in tub? Does it meet your needs, or fit into your lifestyle? Ultimately, most people want to know if it is a worthwhile investment.

To find out if a walk in tub is right for you, consider these seven not so obvious benefits.

1) Combating limited mobility

If your mobility is compromised, walk in tubs can be a great solution. With a low step entry threshold of a few inches, getting in and out of a new walk in tub is quite easy. You can literally walk right in and sit down.

Some bathers use walkers, scooters or wheelchairs in their homes so having a safety walk in tub can be an excellent way to keep the task of bathing as simple and as enjoyable as possible.  Others simply have trouble climbing over the high edge of conventional tubs and are worried about falling. Leading providers offer wheelchair accessible bathtubs with an outward swinging door or bariatric-sized tubs for larger users. These durable products also include an ADA compliant seat, non-skid floors and safety grab rails to give you peace of mind while bathing.

2) Hydrotherapy

Did you ever wonder why the most effective athletes soak in deep tubs after a game or why seniors often do exercises in a swimming pool? The answer is hydrotherapy.

Using water to help cure pain has been a proven medical concept since the ancient Egyptians. Walk-in tubs can be configured with advanced hydrotherapy, including therapeutic air and whirlpool jets. By combing heat, buoyancy and massage, these systems can ease away aches and pains. Buyers of walk in tubs are often struggling with symptoms associated with circulation, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.  The warm water stream releases tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. These products are also unique, because they’re twice the depth of traditional tubs and allow the bather to take a fully submerged soak instead of being limited to the showerhead flow.

3) Walk-In Tubs are showers, too

An often overlooked benefit of walk in tubs is they easily operate as a stand up or sit down shower as well as a deep soaking tub. Quality providers will supply a faucet set with an extendable showerhead. This component can also be hung on a riser rod so the bather can chose to use it as a stand up shower or in a seated position. For adult children with live-in parents, this can be effective to have a dual-purpose walk in tub and shower capacity built-in.

4) Avoiding costs of falls or slips

The Center for Disease Control reports on the cost of falls among older adults. With the boomer generation constantly growing in size, these costs are expected to rise. The many falls that occur in the bathroom are a major concern of the rapidly aging population.  The statistics are staggering. For example, the average hospital cost for a fall injury is $35,000. When considering investing in a walk in tub, be sure to factor the total costs and related problems associated with falls. Walk-In tubs can help significantly reduce these risks.

5) Aging in place

The topic of aging in place relates directly to the benefits of a walk in tub, especially considering the alternatives. More and more senior homeowners are deciding to live and stay in their own homes as long as possible. With the high costs of assisted living communities, Americans are turning to alternative solutions and home modifications to make staying at home possible. Many times, walk-in tubs are one of the first modifications done.

6) Hygiene

As bathing becomes more difficult, managing personal hygiene can also be challenging. How often are you bathing today? Cleaning wounds and irritated skin can be a special hardship when bathing itself is a chore. Some models are configured with a bidet to help stay clean in those hard to reach places. Walk-in tubs make it easy to maintain the bathing routine and to keep up with good hygiene habits.

7) Investment for your future

Walk-in tubs are an investment in your future. A simple modification to your bathroom can transform your life. Peace of mind for yourself and for your loved ones, plus independence and dignity when you use your bathroom, all add up to one thing – improving your quality of life for years to come

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