6 Best Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


Bring the Sexy Back to Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom have old once-fashionable, now-ugly tile? If you hate everything about your bathroom, perhaps only a full-scale gut renovation could bring it up to your standards. There are, however, many situations where a few discreet, modest upgrades can achieve high-impact results. In either case, no matter the scope of your eventual project be prepared. One advantage of working our company Top Notch Remodelers is that, rather than sending you to the showroom, we brings the showroom to you, making the process extraordinarily convenient and enabling homeowners to feel fully confident in their selections.

Save Water

In the average home, the toilet and shower account for approximately half of all daily water usage. To keep a lid on household operating costs—and, of course, to conserve a precious natural resource—a wide range of water-saving toilets, shower heads, and faucets have hit the market in recent years. Take advantage,  you can look forward to a reduced monthly water bill. The incremental savings may not amount to much, but over time, it really starts to add up.

Time for Change

As time goes by and circumstances change, your priorities as a homeowner change too. For instance, the bathroom you once loved may prove unsatisfactory when children become part of the picture. Or, by the same token, if you’re looking forward to retirement, you may be eager to make the bathroom better suited for your current stage of life. There’s no such thing as a bathroom that’s perfect for everyone. The key question to ask yourself is what would be perfect for you right now, and for the next 20 years?” If you’re not sure, call us to discuss it, or go online to schedule a free in-home quote

Fix and Refine

With frequent, sustained exposure to moisture and humidity, even the best-built bathrooms eventually succumb to such problems as mold and mildew, rot and decay. Of course, addressing runaway water damage often involves a great deal of demolition. But there’s a silver lining: Extensive repair work often prompts homeowners to undertake a full-scale renovation, which offers a huge opportunity to start with a clean slate. With help from the renovation pros at Top Notch Remodelers, you can combine practical design principles with the best modern materials to ensure that, going forward, your bathroom will look its best and last as long as possible with a minimum of maintenance and cleaning.

More Storage

To the great joy of many homeowners, the average bathroom has gotten bigger over the years. For those who are making do with older bathrooms plagued by too-small footprints or inconvenient layouts, the tight quarters often provide enough incentive to start knocking down walls. But it’s not always necessary to go that far in order to gain storage and get your sanity back. With the right advice—for instance, with step-by-step guidance from the experts at Top Notch Remodelers there are countless ways to maximize every inch of the existing space.

Home Improvement Investment

Remodeling requires an investment of thought, time, and, crucially, money on the part of the homeowner. Keyword is ‘INVESTMENT. Not every upgrade comes with a favorable return, but bathroom remodeling delivers one of the best. Upon resale, homeowners typically recoup more than half the total cost of a bathroom renovation. The only catch is that for a remodel to be an asset, the workmanship must be high quality. For all but the most ambitious and capable do-it-yourselfers, that means hiring pros you trust to handle the job. Many choose to trust Top Notch Remodelers a commitment to the success of your project now and into the future.

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